Ep: 12 The Why For TheoCentric *Bonus*

It’s good to know what you do. It’s better to know why you do it. In this bonus episode, we talk about why TheoCentric exist and what the goals of the podcast are. Daniel wants TheoCentric to be an outlet that promotes sound, biblical doctrine and encourages Christians in knowing and studying what they believe instead of only taking it in from the preacher on Sunday mornings.
The Christian faith faces many challenges from false believers inside the body and outright heretics that want to see the end of it. What we need is to be firmly grounded in the our belief, knowing the foundational principles of the faith and being able to tell that to others.
Also, knowing the faith, studying theology, drives our Christian living. What good is having information but never using it? Knowing God enables us to love our neighbor(s) rightly because we are doing it as an extension out of the love we have for the Father.

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