Ep: 16 The Holiness Of God Pt.1

The Holiness of God is that which separates God from everything else. God is high above His creation and rules it in that way. Sadly, many today have reduced the Holiness of God down to a list of things you can and can’t do. To most, the idea of holiness is a stuck up attitude and a boring life always wearing suits and long dresses. But God’s Holiness is much more than that just like He’s much more than any idea we can think of Him.


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2 thoughts on “Ep: 16 The Holiness Of God Pt.1

  1. Nice Podcast well done.
    I like what Vos says on gods holiness: Taking the divine holiness in this form, we can easily perceive that it is not realiy an attribute to be coordinated with the other attributes distinguished in the divine nature. lt is something co-extensive with and applicable to everything that can be predicated of God: he is holy in everything that characterizes Him and reveals Him, holy in His goodness and grace, no less than in His righteousness and wrath.


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