TheoCentric exist to honor God through discussions of theology and doctrine that encourage you to live for the glory of His Kingdom and seek the good of our culture. Join the host of the podcast, Daniel Allen, as he dives into deep theology and makes it understandable in a chill and laid back way. With new episodes every Thursday (or something like that) we’ll talk about biblical theology, church history, apologetics, the Christian life and current events through the lens of a biblical worldview; occasionally inviting some of today’s best Christian thinkers, pastors, scholars, and more to join the conversation. So if you’re a new Christian, or if you’ve been walking with the Lord for 50 years, or even if you’re exploring the Christian faith, TheoCentric is bringing theology to inform your mind and inflame your heart as you look to love God and love your neighbor. Don’t just learn what the Bible says, live it. This is TheoCentric.